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Usable Eclipse CDT theme

posted Jan 12, 2011, 2:57 PM by Pablo Díaz Gutiérrez

As good idea as it is, Eclipse (and particularly its CDT mode for C/C++ development) is not without its annoyances. One of the prime ones is the lack of support for easily changing the editor's color scheme. XCode, the other IDE I'm using often these days, blows Eclipse out of the water. So people have jumped in to produce theme generators like this one by the Edwards Research Group, which are only a partial solution because you can only import complete settings, not individual changes, so you risk losing your precious changes. So, partially as a way to share the goodness, and partially as a backed up online copy for myself, here are my current Eclipse CDT settings.

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posted Dec 30, 2010, 6:06 PM by Pablo Díaz Gutiérrez

I have a blog too! Well, I already have something on Blogspot with recipes and some comments on Broadway musicals, my bitacora on Barrapunto where I rant in Spanish about technology and politics, a dull Twitter feed and of course my Facebook account. Some topics I have in mind for this blog are (not in order of importance): technology I'd like to see, business ideas, book reviews, biking, swimming, running (triathlon!) and anything that I find useful. I sometimes will write in Spanish too, lest I forget it completely. If you read me, let me know!

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