About me

Welcome to my piece of web! I'm Pablo Diaz Gutierrez, a fun loving, marathon running, paella cooking, software engineer extraordinaire, Ph.D. brag-aboutter who currently works for Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California. I grew up in beautiful Granada, Spain, with my dearest brother Carlos and parents Eladia and Juan Antonio. Other than working, you can find me running around, biking and, most recently, swimming at the YMCA in Mountain View, as I take the leap from amateur, barely-making-it marathoner to amateur, barely-floating triathlonner.

In December 2008 I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, under the supervision of M. Gopi. Contrary to my most nightmarish premonitions, my defense talk was well received. I was then set free to explore the open world beyond the four walls of my lab. So far, so good. Although grad school was a fun, stimulating experience, there was plenty of interesting stuff that I had been neglecting. Reading non-technical stuff, for example. Cooking. Being relaxed after work. Spending time with my wife. You get the idea. I'm done with school, but I still have a few projects that I would like to flush out the pipeline, and plenty of more practical ideas that one day, yes, one day, will get done. One of them, already under way, involves development of original productivity tools.

For the math nerds out there, my Erdős number is 3 (Erdős->Yao->Eppstein->Diaz-Gutierrez). My Bacon number is still undetermined, so Hollywood producers, feel free to call if you want a handsome nerd for a cameo.